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Wedding Party

Becky Rigas

Maid of Honor

We met while in our mothers' wombs and have been inseparable since then. This incredible gal has been by my side through it all, and I am so excited for her to be my maid of honor. OH also she just became a lawyer and I am so dang proud of her!

Jess Lammert


We met just before my junior year of college and I am still in shock by how our paths crossed. She is a gem, strong, and has the best southern accent I have ever heard. I cannot wait for her to be my bridesmaid!

Jessica Lawrence


We met freshman year of high school singing in the choir and have been eachothers “wing women” since. Her kindness, honesty, and constant motivation inspire me to be a greater person! Cannot wait to go throughout this season of life together!

Kate Benandi


Cousin or best friend? The world will never know, but this incredibly strong woman has been by my side my entire life and I cannot imagine my wedding day without her!

Emily Sonnier


My ride or die since 2001. Always down to adventure anywhere, eat incredible food, and have our classic wine and cheese night. Can't wait to have her stand by my side next year!

Jana Naude


Nothing like a dramatic beginning to cement our sister in law bond. This fierce, strong and god fearing woman is exactly who I need and I am so glad we are bonded together through family! Cannot wait to have her at the altar with me!

Suzannah Martin


Suzannah and I met senior year of college and felt like we knew each other our whole lives. We shared bonding moments through senior year - COVID lockdown, our iconic HEB dates, and running around like crazy. She is a true gem who loves others fiercely, and I absolutely cannot wait for her to be apart of our big day!

Jake Prado

Best Man

"Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. it will cleanse your soul and make you a better person. " - Fred Bear

Dirk Scheepers


my broer

ons sal die lank pad saam stap

Ruan Scheepers


My Broer

deur dik en dun

Heinrich Rix


my beste vriend, amper my broer.

friendship is the wine of life

Lucas Horswell


brother in-law

your sister won't let you sleep on our couch but I will, haha.

Sarah Holloman

House Party

Alex Rivas

House Party

Halle Kloefkorn

House Party

Gabrielle Lammons

House Party